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2U Horizontal Plastic Cable Management Panel

  • DW-4037-2
  • 24 ports
  • 19"

This cable management panel is designed for use with 19" racking systems. It's the ideal accessory to help keep your cables under control. Uses only one rack space (1U/1RU) and includes 24 slots to provide a "channel" for each of your cables. Includes screws and captive nuts for attaching to your 19" racking. This 24 port patch panel also features a top cover that slides off the top makig it easy to access your cables once the panel is screwed onto your rack.

Size / Dimensions
This is a 1U/2U panel which measures approximately 1.72'' (44mm) x 19'' (483mm). This panel protrudes approximately 2" (50.8mm) when mounted to a 19" rack.

19" Racking Systems
This cable management panel is part of our 19 inch racking system range designed for servers, network gear, communications equipment and audio systems. This range of hardware is durable, strong and secure.

Racks Suitable For:
- Small, medium and large servers
- DVRs and security equipment
- Patch panels, switches and rack mount equipment
- Telephone systems
- PABX systems
- Pro audio, networking and communications equipment

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