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Drop Wire (VX) Modules

The outdoor distribution box for STB module, with base and cover hinged together. lt can stand with 90 degree, easily removed to facilitate operation in threatening conditions. The grommets for entry and exit can be adjusted to  conductor. 

Mechanical Performance:   

Housing marerial: PC ( UL94V-0 )  

● Contacts conductor: Phosphor bronze, surface nickel or silver plated  

● Terminating screws: Zinc alloy, plating nickel 

● Potting sealant: Epoxy resin 

● Cable and Plug sealant: Silicone fluid, melting point>90℃

● Gauge range: 0.4-I.2mm diameter 

● Insulation diameter: 5mm maximum diameter 

● Wire pull out force: ≥50N 

● Termination torque: ≤1N/m 

● Plug insertion force:<50N

● Plug withdrawal force:<35N

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