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SC APC Mechanical Fiber Optic Connector

  • DW-1041-A


Easy operating, The connector can be directly used in ONU, also with fasten strength more than 5 kg, it is widely used in FTTH project of network revolution. It also reduce the use of sockets and adapters, save cost of project. With 86 standard socket and adapter, the connector makes connection between drop cable and patch cord. The 86 standard socket provides complete protection with its unique design.

Cable Scope 3.0 x 2.0 mm bow-type drop cable
Fiber Diameter 125μm ( 652 & 657 )
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.3dB(1310nm &1550nm)
Success Rate >98%
Tighten Strength of Naked Fiber >5 N
Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Mechanical Durability (500 times) IL ≤ 0.3dB
Size 50*8.7*8.3 mm without dust cap
Coating Diameter 250μm
Operation Time about 15s(exclude fiber presetting)
Return Loss ≤ 55dB
Reusable Times >10 times
Tensile Strength >50 N
On-line Tensile Strength Test (20 N) IL ≤ 0.3dB

Drop Test (4m concrete floor, once each direction,

three times total)

IL ≤ 0.3dB

Applicable to connection with field mountable indoor cable, pigtail, patch cord and transformation of patch cord in data room and directly used in specific ONU.  


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