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Aerial Cable Fittings Anchor Clamp

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Aerial cable fitting makes very important role in plant cabling.For weather Risistance,UV resistant application requirement,the product material normally are light,high-quality aluminium alloy and high strength stainless steel,UV resistant Nylon with lifespan 25years.

Anchor clamps,re used for the dead-ending of aerial figure-8 cables or aerial figure-8 duct structures with steel messenger deployed on overhead access networks where spans do not exceed 90m. These anchor clamps are made of an open conical body, a pair of metallic jaws and a flexible bail. Parts are secured all together to prevent any loss. The automatic conical cable clamping does not require any installation tool or any prior cable preparation. 


• Simple, fast and toolless installation 

• Effective cable clamping due to the specific wedge design

• High mechanical performances 

• Availlable in different bail lengths to adapt to the cable’s bend radius   Tel: +86 574 27877377  Add: Building A, 959 Industrial Park, No. 959, Chengxin Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China

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