Ftth Cabling Accessories
FTTH Installation Accessories offered to Telecom including fiber wall socket(Single family unit rosette),draw hooks,cable calmp,cable wall bushings,cable glands,cable wiring duct,cable clips...
2banner-Fiber Optic Distribution Box
Fiber Optic Distribution Box
Fiber Optic Termination Box for application of FTTH, outdoor or indoor application.We offer various capacity and box size for client's application. Used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTX.....
Lsa Module Series
This module is IDC(Insulation Displacement Contact) Connection modules that can be snapped on standard back mount frames. Category 5 transmission performance as a standard...
Telecom Connection System
Scotchlok butt connectors employ a specially designed, wire insulation displacemnet contact to make a reliable electrical connection to each wire. A "live-spring" joint is made by driving the wire down into the "U" contact connector...
1banner-Drop Wire Modules
Drop Wire Modules

The Outdoor distribution box for STB module, with base and cover hinged together. It can stand with 90 degree, easily removed to facilitate operation in threatening conditions...
Ftth Cabling Accessories
Good Insulating Property,High-Strength,Anti-aging,Fire resistant,UV protection...
Fiber Optic Connectivity
Made of ABS, flame retardant, IDC tool with wire-cutter, Used tu insert...

Fiber Optic Distribution Box

ABS and PC material used ensures the body strong and light...
Lsa Module Series
Material:PBT or ABS(UL94V-0),Contact: Phosphor Bronze...
Telecom Connection System
Scotchlok butt connectors employ a specially designed,wire insulation...
Drop Wire(VX) Module
Housing material:PC(UL94V-0),Contacts conductor:Phosphor bronze...
Operation Tools
The networking tools we can offer including sort of insertion tools...
Cable Testers
Contacts:gold/nickel,minimum thickness of gold >0.8 μm,PBT polycarbonate...

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plc splitter.png
  • 22
  • June
PLC Splitter Technology and Production Process

In the field of optical communication technology, PLC is the abbreviation of Planar Lightwave Circuit. It is a variety of optical waveguide structures prepared based on integrated optical technology. Technically, functional devices that can be realized include directional couplers DC and Y branches

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fiber optic patch cable.jpeg
  • 02
  • June
2021 Ultimate Guide of Fiber Patch Cords

The fiber optic patch leads are used to make jumpers from equipment to optical fiber cabling links. It has a thicker protective layer and is generally used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box. It is applied in some fields such as optical fiber communication system

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1x8 Box Type PLC Splitter.png
  • 26
  • April
What is PLC Splitter

Like the coaxial cable transmission system, the optical network system also needs to couple, branch, and distribute optical signals, which requires an optical splitter to achieve. PLC splitter is also called planar optical waveguide splitter, which is a kind of optical splitter. Brief introduction

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