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Fibre Optic Cleaning Wipes

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1.Why not use cotton balls with alcohol to clean light connectors? 

The cleaning of fibre optic connectors is much more demanding than the cleaning of camera lenses. Cotton or lens paper only has coarse fibres and can easily cause abrasion of the fibre optic connectors. Overseas, cotton balls or lens paper are not used for cleaning fibre optic connectors. The use of cotton balls or lens paper for fibre optic test equipment is forbidden.

2.The Advantages of Fibre Optic Cleaning Wipes

  • Safe and reliable: the unique design structure and selection of materials achieve the desired result every time compared to traditional cleaning methods such as using alcohol, ether with cotton balls or lens paper, which are prone to secondary soiling. No adverse effects on the environment or the operator. It can effectively prevent fires caused by alcohol and ethanol. 

  • Easy to use: no need to carry many other traditional supplies at work, just a light wipe and the dust and grease at the fibre optic connection interface will be removed.  

  • Economical: The new design structure and patented materials have greatly reduced production costs. The price of the product is only a fraction of that of similar imported products. Each box of cleaning tape can clean more than 500 optical fibre interfaces, and the cleaning tape in the cleaner can be replaced.  

  • Wide range of uses: it can be used for optical experimental research units, as well as for construction and maintenance of indoor and outdoor optical fibre communication, and quality assurance support for optical fibre equipment and component supply manufacturers.  

  • Strong applicability: it can be used for various types of optical interfaces such as SC, FC, LC, ST, D4, DIN, etc.   Tel: +86 574 27877377  Add: Building A, 959 Industrial Park, No. 959, Chengxin Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China

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