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The Application of Photo-communication in Transportation System

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At present, Chinese railroad, subway and highway construction is huge, and a mature production model has been formed in rail transportation, with cable products all over the country. Railway traffic in the use of high flame retardant low smoke density fiber optic cable, to enhance the notification rate and reduce the smoke density is an important indicator of the scene of fiber optic cable, through a number of structural designs, different material selection and a large number of experiments, which will accelerate China's railroad, rail transit, highways, intelligent buildings, investment and other areas of system engineering technology services.

G.652D low-loss and ultra-low-loss series optical fiber, G.657 full series optical fiber, G.654E ultra-low-loss large effective area optical fiber, air-blown micro-cable, micro-base station pull far optical composite cable, 5Ghigh fiber density optical cable, protective class optical cable, full dry type optical cable, FTTH introduction optical cable, ultra-small outer diameter optical fiber, light 5G introduction optical cable, extra-large core number "8 8" type fiber optic cable, etc. Among them, ultra-small O.D. fiber adopts the industry's leading drawing process technology to further optimize the fiber size while ensuring the fiber performance index, which is suitable for large fiber density, data center, urban pipeline construction and other large-core dense fiber application scenarios, and can significantly increase the transmission capacity. We need to pay more attention to customer needs to research and development design. For example, protective fiber optic cable protection measures, regional rats on the degree of damage to the fiber optic cable varies, and how to better achieve the protection is the  puzzle problem to customers, but also the problem they should deal with.

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