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What is an Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

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The optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) is the wiring connection equipment between optical cable and optical communication equipment or between optical communication equipment. The fiber optic distribution frame is used for the termination and distribution of the backbone optical cable of the central office in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution, and dispatch of optical fiber lines. With the increasing degree of network integration, there has been an optical-digital hybrid distribution frame integrating ODF, DDF, and power distribution units, which is suitable for small and medium-sized distribution frames of fiber to the cell, fiber to the building, remote module and small and medium wiring system of the wireless base station.

Structure appearance of optical fiber distribution frame

1. Rack structure

1) The frame structure has closed type, semi-closed type, and open type.

2) The height of the rack is divided into three categories: 2600mm, 2200mm, and 2000mm. The width is recommended to be an integer multiple of 120mm, and the depth is recommended to be 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm.

3) The deviation of the frame dimensions should not exceed ±2mm; the perpendicularity tolerance of the outer surface to the bottom reference surface should not exceed 3mm.

2. Mechanical activity part

The movable parts of the machinery should be flexible in rotation, proper insertion, removal, reliable in locking, convenient in construction, installation, and maintenance. The opening angle of the door should not be less than 110°, and the gap should not be greater than 3mm.

3. Lead in the bending radius of the optical cable

When the incoming optical cable enters the rack, its bending radius should not be less than 15 times the diameter of the optical cable.

4. Rack structure

The structure should be firm, the assembly should be consistent and interchangeable, and the fasteners should not be loose. The sharp edges of exposed and operating parts should be rounded.

5. Protective cover, liner and bending radius of core and pigtail

When the optical fiber of the optical cable passes through the metal plate hole and turns along the sharp edge of the structure, a protective cover and gasket should be installed. No matter where the core and pigtail are bent, their radius of curvature should not be less than 30mm.

6. The surface of the rack

The coating layer should have a smooth surface, uniform color, no sagging, no bottom exposed; metal parts free of burrs, and corrosion.

7. Text, graphics, symbols, and signs on structural devices

The text, graphics, symbols, signs on the structural device shall be clear, complete, and correct.

fiber optic distribution frame

The material of the optical fiber distribution frame

1. Anti-corrosion performance

The materials used in all parts of the optical fiber distribution frame should have anti-corrosion properties. If the material has no anti-corrosion properties, it should be treated with anti-corrosion. Its physical and chemical properties must be stable and compatible with the cable sheath and pigtail sheath. To prevent corrosion and other damage, these materials must also be compatible with materials commonly used in other equipment.

The metal structural parts with surface electroplating treatment in DF shall have no visible rust spots on the appearance after 48h salt spray test is carried out by the salt spray test method.

2. Coating treatment requirements

For metal structural parts with coating treatment, the coating should have good adhesion to the substrate, and the adhesion should not be lower than the level 2 requirements in Table I of the GB/T9286 standard: there is coating at the intersection of the incision and/or along the edge of the incision the layer falls off, and the affected cross-cut area is significantly greater than 5%, but not significantly greater than 15%.

3. Combustion performance requirements

The combustion performance of the non-metallic structural parts and optical fiber connectors in the equipment should meet one of the following conditions:

1) The test sample did not ignite.

2) The duration of continuous flame burning after the test sample is away from the fire does not exceed 10s, and the flame or burning or hot particles falling from the test sample does not spread the combustion to the bottom layer placed under the test sample.


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