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Classification of Fiber Distribution Frame

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The optical fiber distribution frame is an important supporting equipment in the optical transmission system. It is used for optical fiber fusion splicing of optical cable terminals, adjustment of optical connectors, storage of redundant pigtails, and optical cable protection. It is useful for the safe operation and flexible use of optical fiber communication networks. Fiber distribution frame is a important role.


The unit type optical fiber distribution frame is to install multiple units on a rack, and each unit is an independent optical fiber distribution frame. This kind of distribution frame not only retains the characteristics of the original medium and small optical fiber distribution box, but also provides space utilization through the structural deformation of the frame. It is a common structure in the early days of large-capacity optical fiber distribution frame. However, due to its inherent limitations in space provision, there are certain inconveniences in operation and use.

Drawer type

The drawer type optical fiber distribution frame also divides a rack into multiple units, and each unit is composed of one to two drawers. When welding and adjusting the wires, pull out the corresponding drawer to operate outside the shelf, so there is a larger operating space, so that each unit does not affect each other. The drawer is equipped with a locking device in both the pull-out and the push-in state, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of the operation and the safety and reliability of the connecting devices in the unit. Although this kind of optical fiber distribution box cleverly provides a larger space for the operation of the optical cable terminal, it still cannot provide the greatest convenience in the storage and placement of the optical cable, just like the unit type. This kind of rack is currently the most common form.

optical fiber distribution frame


The modular structure divides the optical fiber distribution frame into a variety of functional modules, and the fusion splicing of the optical cable, the adjustment of the wiring, the storage of the connecting line and other functional operations are completed in each module. These modules can be combined and installed in a common rack as required. This structure can provide maximum flexibility and better meet the needs of communication networks. The introduced modular large-capacity optical fiber distribution panel utilizes unique structures such as panels and drawers to make the operation of optical fiber splicing and wiring more convenient. In addition, the vertical wiring trough and the middle distribution frame are used to effectively solve the problem of pigtail placement and storage. Therefore, it is the most popular kind of large-capacity optical fiber distribution frame, but its cost is relatively high.


The selection of optical fiber distribution frame is an important and complicated task. All localities should fully consider various factors according to the specific local conditions, and on the basis of careful understanding and repeated comparison, can we choose the one that best meets the current needs. And future development of optical fiber distribution box. DOWELL is famous foptical fiber distribution frame manufacturers in China, providing high quality optical fiber distribution box/panel and professional fiber optic distribution frame knowledge. If you have any needs, please contact us!   Tel: +86 574 27877377  Add: Building A, 959 Industrial Park, No. 959, Chengxin Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China

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