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How to Choose Optical Fiber Distribution Frames

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The optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) is used for the termination and distribution of the backbone optical cable of the central office in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution, and dispatch of optical fiber lines. With the increasing degree of network integration, there has been an optical-digital hybrid distribution frame integrating ODF, DDF, and power distribution units, which is suitable for small and medium-sized distribution frames of fiber to the community, fiber to the building, remote modules, and wireless base stations.  Therefore, it is very important to choose the right fiber distribution frame.

1. Is the optical fiber distribution frame installed on the wall or 19'' rack?

The optical fiber distribution frame is usually installed in a 19" rack, and it may be directly installed on the wall for small installations.

2. Is there any remaining space for optical cables?

A certain amount of optical cables should be reserved to prevent the optical fibers from being pulled off in the distribution frame, to withstand excessive stress, and to prevent the optical fibers from being pulled out of the distribution frame.

3. Is there a protective device?

An optical fiber protection device shall be provided inside the optical fiber distribution frame.

4. Versatility

Different couplers should be as versatile as possible on the distribution frame. For example, LC type optical fiber distribution frame can be suitable for duplex LC/simplex SC/MTRJ type optical fiber adapter; ST type optical fiber distribution frame can be suitable for ST and FC type optical fiber adapter. Greatly improve the usability of the product.

5. Is the structure flexible?

This feature is still improving the usability of the product. Fiber distribution frames can be divided into 3 types according to their structure, namely, wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted, and rack-mounted. The wall-mounted type is generally a box structure, which is suitable for offices where the number of optical cables and the number of fiber cores are small. The cabinet type is a closed structure, the fiber core capacity is relatively fixed, and the appearance is more beautiful. Rack type generally adopts modular design. Users can choose corresponding modules according to the number and specifications of optical cables, and flexibly assemble them on the rack. It is a future-oriented structure that can be used for future optical fiber distribution frames. Functional development provides convenient conditions. The optical fiber distribution frame should be made of aluminum profile frame as far as possible, which has a firm structure and beautiful appearance. The dimensions of the rack should be similar to the current standard rack for transmission equipment to facilitate the arrangement of the computer room. The surface treatment process and color should also be similar to other equipment in the computer room to maintain the overall beauty of the computer room.


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