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Tips for Managing Cabling Infrastructure

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Some tips that may be useful in managing cabling infrastructure:

1. The perfect management of the cabling infrastructure depends on the way the data center is designed. Therefore, before allocating space for building a data center, the first thing you should do is talk to the network team. Solicit their opinions on design and area. Ask them whether they want to choose end-of-line cabling or top-of-rack cabling. Will they use copper or optical fiber. Put forward their opinions on the capacity expansion of future data centers. A well-designed data center will leave more space for cables and make it easier for the network team to spot any errors.

2. One of the problems of cabling infrastructure management is the lack of knowledge transfer. In actual situations, the original installation procedure cannot be used to guide cable connections in the data center. In this case, anyone who installs cables should develop an installation manual.

3. It should include marking diagrams of all cables, connections, and network switches. Make sure to update the manual regularly to include any major changes or upgrades to the system. This will help network engineers quickly identify faulty components in the data center. It will also help reduce downtime in the data center.

4. The wiring system is divided into two types: structured and unstructured. Their name says almost everything. Unstructured cabling lacks the function of using patch panels when deploying optical links. Because a large number of cables are scattered all over the floor, it causes congestion in the data center. In contrast, structured wiring systems provide a lot of control through the use of panel wiring boards. Although structured cabling requires more investment, it can ensure extended cable life and leave room for scalability. In other words, the final decision depends on your needs and available space.

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5. In the industry, there has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of one type of cable over another. The best way is to use copper cables and optical fibers at the same time. Copper cables are cheap and can save millions of dollars, but they are heavier than optical fibers. On the other hand, optical fiber provides higher bandwidth and is heat and ventilation resistant.

6. Using a horizontal cable organizer, jumpers and wires can be laid out correctly. It reduces the wiring clutter on the entire floor. The horizontal wire manager has different sizes and functions. You can choose a door with or without a cover (similar to a cover). If you need a cleaner appearance in your data center, you should choose a door and cover to hide the cables. On the other hand, vertical cable organizers provide excellent support for cables with spools and waterfalls. It is best to choose the size of the vertical wire manager carefully. The best method is 4 inches to 10 inches deep and 10 inches wide. There needs to be enough space for future capacity expansion.

7. In many cases, we see lighter cables installed in the bottom position, and heavier cables installed in the bottom position. It puts a lot of pressure on the lighter cable. It is best to plan accordingly to avoid such problems. Lighter cables should be located above the heavier cables. The location of the support system is another reason we see messy cables in the data center. It is important to ensure that underground and elevated supports are not adequately planned before installation. This allows better wiring anywhere in the data center.


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