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Why is Fiber Optic Cabling the Key to the Future of Data Centers?

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When we are about to enter the 5G era, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, high-resolution video, and games are bringing revolutionary changes to the industries we know. These new technologies increased connection and bandwidth requirements which increase the pressure on operators to develop and build data centers.

People's lives in the future depend on data centers

With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, machine-to-machine learning and software as a service are examples of data center operators having to respond and increase storage. Because the global cloud data center traffic is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Data centers are forced to adapt to the demands of the changing environment, and it is vital for data center operators to invest in technologies that coexist with them.

The prospects of high-speed networks

Although 400G is currently a very small market and 400G links are not widely deployed in the industry, the adoption of this technology will increase in the next few years. To ensure that data centers are ultra-fast, high-performance, and able to adapt quickly, 400G is the key to the future. Ultra-large-scale cloud data centers will become the driving force for the development of 400G, and this momentum is expected to increase in 2020 and beyond.

fiber management system

The importance and necessity of optical fiber cabling for data centers

With the rapid development of technology, computing and storage always need to be provided with ultra-low latency. Any downtime in the data center is very expensive for operators, so it is necessary to establish fiber management solutions to make daily operations as smooth as possible.

The deployment of 5G is gradually taking shape, and discussions on electric vehicles and unmanned vehicles have begun to become mainstream. Currently, it is estimated that hyper-scale cloud data centers must be upgraded every two years to keep up with their bandwidth and storage requirements. But data center operators cannot afford to overhaul the entire system every few years because it is very expensive and time-consuming.

It is essential to choose a fiber management system with trays that can be installed and removed in seconds. In addition to being flexibly installed in various positions-against a wall, as a row end cap, or continuously back-to-back, effectively doubling the density, data centers need to remain flexible and ready for anything. By using fiber management systems and modular pay-as-you-go infrastructure, data centers can continuously adapt to reflect demand.

The key significance of optical fiber cabling to future data centers

Proper fiber management is critical to data center operators because they must overhaul their systems every two years. Choosing a dense side access fiber management system that can be used as a cross-connect can achieve a highly secure environment. All connections are in one location, which means there are fewer reasons to interact with active devices in the facility, thereby reducing human intervention and errors.


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