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LSA Module Series

LSA module is IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) connection modules developed for universal use in all telecommunications or data network applications that can be snapped on standard back mount frames. LSA-PLUS connection and disconnection module are a technically and commercially superior quick connection system for all state-of-the-art networks. Contacts that ensure the highest degree of reliability even under the most adverse environmental and climatic conditions. 


The LSA module can be used in any modern network and is fully compatible with all kinds of applications. Wire termination and wire removal are easily operated with a standard termination tool. The insulation displacement connector is used worldwide to connect and link up cable leads securely in internal and external areas: in main distribution frames of exchanges, in cross-connection cabinets and terminating boxes, in building entrance distributors, in-floor distributors, or in PABXs for voice and data distribution.


DOWELL is the technological front-runner when it comes to secure, quick and reliable connections in telecommunications networks. As a pioneer in quick connection techniques, we provide high-quality LSA-PLUS connection and disconnection modules.  The continuous development of innovative applications with LSA-PLUS technology ensures that you will be able to rely on a secure network with original quality from DOWELL today and in the future. With these innovations, we enable telecommunications service providers to introduce next-generation networks. We focus on the flexibility of the networks, simple handling, and cost-effectiveness.


Advantages of LSA Module


● LSA module guarantees quick and secure operability with an extremely low circuit fault rate. The test contact and/or the disconnection contact are immediately accessible via the jumper contact, separately for each pair. This means that testing and jumpering can be carried out easily and conveniently. 

● Connection of cable leads without soldering, wire-stripping, or the use of screws using a multi-functional sensor insertion tool.

● Available in eight- and ten-pair configurations with parallel test access or overvoltage protection contact.

● High contact reliability in the event of vibration, cold, heat, moisture, and other atmospheric or climatic influences.

● LSA modules mount on profile rods (8-pair modules: 75mm spacing between rods; 10-pair modules: 95mm spacing between rods) or on back mount frames.

● Economical and user-friendly thanks to drastically reduced installation times and maintenance intervals (low operating costs).

● High wear resistance thanks to high-performance plastics.

● Robust long-term environmental stability allows both indoor and outdoor installation.



Applications of LSA Module


LSA connection and disconnection module is the modular system for cable connechon and terminabon in telephone and data communicahon netwods. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in

● Main distribution frames (MDF)

● Data and PABX distribution (BDFIIDF)

● Cross-connection cabinets (CCC)

● Internal and external distribution point (DP)


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