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FTTH Cabling Accessories

FTTH Cabling Accessories are the devices which use for the FTTH project. We could provide FTTH construction accessories and FTTH drop cable accessories used in FTTH network construction and operation. Products include both indoor and outdoor construction accessories such as cable hooks, drop wire clamp, cable wall bushings, cable wall grommet, cable glands, cable wiring duct, cable wire clips, screw kit, fixing accessories, and so on. The outdoor use items usually use nylon plastic and stainless steel material. The indoor device must use fire resistance material.

Drop wire clamp is also called FTTH-CLAMP, which used in FTTH network constructions. Drop wire clamps are developed to anchor telephone drop wire, telecom fiber optic drop wires. They are made of stainless steel materials, aluminum, thermoplastic. That ensures high corrosion resistance and guarantees a long period of usage. Our drop wire clamp includes stainless steel drop wire clamp and plastic drop wire clamp. They are used for flat and round drop cable, support one and two pair drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks, and various drop attachments. The stainless steel drop wire clamps are made from 201 or 304 stainless steel. It shall hold, without slippage, a suitable length of drop wire until sufficient load is applied to break the drop wire or to a maximum load of 800 pounds.

Stainless steel strap, also called stainless steel band, is a fastening solution that is designed to attach industrial fittings, anchoring, suspension assemblies, and other devices to the poles. The stainless steel strap needs to use stainless steel buckle together to lock the end with the band tool. The stainless steel strap is made from 304 stainless steel material and using a rolling ball self-locking mechanism offers a smooth installation while still having a 176 lbs tensile strength. Grade 304 stainless steel cable ties offer excellent corrosion resistance and strength, are readily formed, can be readily welded, and minimizes chromium carbide precipitation. Stainless steel cable ties are perfect for environments not suited for standard nylon zip ties. These metal fasteners work on applications that include high heat, extreme weather, and vibration to secure wires, cables, and hoses. Stainless steel strap is a durable method for bundling, organizing, and fastening cables in wires in outdoor, indoor, and underground applications.

The FTTH cable installation accessories are specially designed to use for the FTTH cabling. They include wire casing, cable draw hooks, cable wall bushing, hole wiring duct, cable clip, and so on. Cable bushings are plastic grommets inserted into a wall to provide a clean appearance for coax cable, fiber optic cable, and all cable entry. Cable drawing hooks are made of metal, hanging hardware, hard material, with splint type and C type for option.

Advantages of FTTH Cabling Accessories

● The FTTH Cabling Accessories are convenient for cabling installation indoor and outdoor. 
● They could change cable positions and also protect the cables.
● Long working life and needn’t maintenance
● Good anti-corrosion performance
● High strength
● Abrasion and wear resistance
● Durable

Application of FTTH Cabling Accessories

1. Used for fixing drop wire on various house attachments.
2. Used to prevent electrical surges from reaching the customer premises.
3. Used to support various cables and wires.
4. Used for securing many kinds of cables, such as fiber optic cables.

DOWELL is China leading telecom manufacturer. We specialized in various FTTH cabling accessories, including cable hooks, drop wire clamp, cable wall bushings, cable wall grommet, cable glands, cable wiring duct, cable wire clips, screw kit, fixing accessories, and so on. As a leader in the fiber optics industry, our end-to-end portfolio encompasses everything you need - from the central office and head-end through the outside plant to the home, business, or cell site. Let us put our expertise to work for you. We have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!
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