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Clean Stick 1.25mm

● Easy to use and very efficient

● Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance

● Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fiber

● Optic connectors and various adapters

● Lightweight and safe to use

● Compact and disposable

● Suitable for cleaning inside adapters for dust contro

  • DW-CS1.25

These Clean Sticks are designed with two models, one for cleaning fiber optic SC, ST and FC connectors with 2.5mm diameter and one for cleaning fiber optic LC connectors with 1.25mm diameter.

1. Insertion

Ensure that stick is held straight when inserting into the fiber optic connector ferrule.


2. Loading Pressure

Apply sufficient pressure (600-700 g) to ensure the soft tip is reaching the fiber end-face and filling the ferrule.

3. Rotation

Rotate the cleaning stick 4 to 5 times clockwise, while ensuring direct contact with ferrule end-face is maintained.








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