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Waterproof Connectors, Pigtails and Patch Cords

Waterproof fiber optic patch cables are designed to fit for outdoor applications. The strong PU jacket and armored structure can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment. What's more, it's IP67 cable connectors have an extremely rugged, protective rubber coating with integral anti-kink strain-relief boot and a rubber-coated, metal, latching cap, attached by a steel lanyard. When mated or capped, the connection is environmentally sealed. It is ideal for using in a variety of applications, including fiber to the antenna (FTTA) and fiber to the home (FTTH).




● Positive feedback to operator when fully mated 
● One-hand mating 
● Bulkhead cutouts allow for removal of transceiver through the bulkhead (no need to open RRH for transceiver replacement) 
● Robust bayonet locking for easy, fast, and secure mating 
● Multimode and singlemode 
● Water proof, dust proof and corrosion resistant 
● Expansion to RJ45, etc 
● Plug has tolerance free design, fully free floating in Z-axis 
● No Cable buckling at any time during or after installation 
● Cost effective glass-filled polymer or metal die casted bulkhead 
● Field installable version available





● Indoor and Outdoor applications
● Outdoor & Military communication equipment connection.
● Oil field, mine communication connection.
● Far transmission wireless base station.
● Video Surveillance system
● Optical fiber sensor.
● Railway signal control.
● Intelligent substation


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