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HUAWEI Fiber Feeder Clamp

  • DW-1071


Clamp type European standard Cable Type Power (hybrid) cable and fiber cable

OD 12-22mm DC power cable

OD 7-8mm fiber cable

Number of Cables 3 power cable + 3 fiber cable
Operation Temp -50 °C ~ 85 °C UV Resistance ≥1000 hours
CompatibleMax Diameter 19-25mm Compatible Min Diameter 5-7mm
Twin Plastic Clamps Material Fiberglass reinforced PP,Black Metal Material Stainless steel 304 or hot galvanized
Mounting On Steel wire cable tray Max Stack Height 3
Vibration Survival ≥4 hours at resonant frequency Environmental Strength Cap Double cable weight

  • Good anti-corrosion performance.

  • High strength

  • Wear resistant

  • Durable

  • Easy installation






This Fiber Optic Cable Clamp is widely used for :

  • Telecom cable

  • Fiber cable

  • Coaxial cable

  • Feeder cable

  • Hybrid cable

  • Corrugated cable

  • Smooth cable

  • Braid cable


1. Disentwine the special bolt of the C-bracket till the ringent distance is bigger than the thick of one

side of angle iron. And then tighten the special bolt M8; (Reference torque: 15Nm)

2. Please retire the nut onto the threaded rod ,and unclench the plastic clip;

3. Disjoin the plastic clamp,plunge the Fiber cable ofφ7mm orφ7.5mm into the small hole of plastic

clamp, plunge the 3.3 square or 4 square cable into the hole of the black rubber pipe in plastic clamp.

Remove the rubber pipe from the plastic clamp for the 6 square or 8.3 square cable and plunge the

cable into the hole of plastic clamp (figure right);

4. Lock all nuts at last. (Reference torque of lock nut M8 for clamp: 11Nm)

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