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High Gel Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882

  • DW-8882

Product Description  


DW-8882 is a superior, re-enterable, clear encapsulant. It forms moisture proof encapsulation for buried cable splices that is easily re-enterable. Complete removal of encapsulant from a splice is not necessary upon re-entry, since new material will completely bond to existing cured encapsulant.  

This product offers superior adhesive properties when bonding to conductor insulation. Its ability to absorb cable filling compounds helps provide a strong moisture, impermeable barrier.  

Properties (77°F/25°C)Material
Property Value Test Method
Color-Mixed Transparent Amber Visual
Corrosion of Copper Non Corrosive MS 17000, Section 1139
Hydrolytic Stability Weight Change -2.30% TA-NWT-000354
Peak Exotherm 28℃ ASTM D2471
Water Absorption 0.26% ASTM D570
Dry Heat Aging Weight Loss 0.32% TA-NWT-000354
Gel Time (100g) 62 minutes TA-NWT-000354
Volumetric Expansion 0% TA-NWT-000354
Polyethylene Pass
Polycarbonate Pass
Viscosity-Mixed 1000 CPS ASTM D2393
Water Sensitivity 0% TA-NWT-000354
Self Good Bond, No Separation
Urethane Encapsulant Good Bond, No Separation
Shelf Life Gel Time Change<15 minutes TA-NWT-000354
Odor Essentially Odorless TA-NWT-000354
Phase Stability Pass TA-NWT-000354
Filling Compound Compatibility 8.18% TA-NWT-000354
Insulation Resistance @500 Volts DC 1.5x1012ohms ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity @500 Volts DC ASTM D257
Dielectric Strength 220 volts/mil ASTM D149-97





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