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Integrated Surge Protection

  • DW-C233998A

Product Description  


With individual single line protectors, the BRCPSP splitter block provides modular protection while preserving the density provided by the block, making it adaptable to confined spaces of remote terminals, shelters or telecom closets in residential or corporate buildings.

230V and 260V over-voltage protectors provide protection for lines carrying P O T S , x D S L and G.S H D S L services while the 420V over-voltage protectors provide protection of lines of E1/T1and ISDN PRI services.

Material Thermoplastic Material Contact Bronze, tin (Sn) plating
Dimension 76.5*14*10 (cm) Weight 10 g




Depending on the network application, whether central office or remote locations, different protection arrangements are possible.  

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