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Mini PICABOND Connector

  • DW-552041-4

Product Description  


PICABOND connectors provide an economical and reliable means of splicing multiconductor telephone cable.

1. Lightweight and compact, PICABOND splices reduce the space 33% than other.
2.Suitable for the cable size: 26AWG – 22AWG
3.Save time – no prestripping or cutting required, can tap without service interruptions

4.Economical – Lower applied cost, minimum training required, higher application rates
5.Convenient – Use the small hand tool, easy to operation

Plastic Cover (Mini Type) PC with blue coading (UL 94v-0)
Plastic Cover (Green Type) PC with green coading (UL 94v-0)
Base Tin-plated brass / bronze
Wire Insertion Force 45N typical
Wire Pull Out Force 40N typical
Cable Size Φ0.4-0.6mm




2.Central Office
4.Aerial Pole

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