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Riser Break-out Tool

RBT Riser Break-out Tool is designed to cut an access window in 8.5mm, 10.5mm, and 14mm riser cable jackets without adjustment.

● Lightweight aluminum body construction
● Fits into small areas for closely packed riser cables
● Can be used on cable mounted directly to wall
● Blade is recessed for user safety
● Easily replaceable blade with no adjustments
  • DW-RBT



Cable Type

FTTH Riser

Cable Diameter

8.5mm, 10.5mm and 14mm


100mm x 38mm x 17mm







  1. Grasp the tool in the area of the window cut, applying forefinger pressure on the cable against the blade. (Fig.1)

  2. Draw the tool in the direction ofthe desired window holding pressure against the cable. (Fig.2)

  3. To terminate the window cut, lift the back end of the tool until the window chip breaks off (Fig.3)

  4. The low profile design also allows for tool operation on a face mounted cable. (Fig.4)


Warning! This tool should not be used on live electrical circuits. It is not protected against electrical shock! Always use OSHA/ANSI or other industry approved eye protection when using tools. This tool is not to be used for purposes other than intended. Read carefully and understand instructions before using this tool.

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