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STG 2000 Single Pair Protection Plug

  • DW-C233796A0000

Product Description  


STG 2000 Single Pair Protection plugs (SPP) SOR PU are designed for use with STG 2000 modules to provide protection to individual copper pairs of most voice and data, fixed and wireless network applications, against high voltage surge due to lightning and overcurrent, generated by induction or direct contact with power lines.

The SPP´s increase flexibility in network management. They can be removed separately for replacement on faulty lines alone without disturbing adjacent working lines.

Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)

DC Spark-over voltage:
100V/s 180-300V
Insulation resistance: 100V DC> 1,000 MΩ
line to ground: 1KV/µs <900 V
Impulse spark-over voltage Impulse life: 10/1,000µs, 100A 300 times
AC discharge current: 50Hz 1s, 5 Ax2 5 times
Capacitance: 1KHz <3pF
Fail-Safe operation: AC 5 Ax2 <5sec

Casing: Self-extinguishing glass-filled polycarbonate
Contact: Phosphor bronze with tin lead coating
Printed circuit board: FR4

Positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTCR)
Operating voltage: 60 V DC
Max operating voltage (Vmax): 245Vrms
Rated voltage: 220Vrms
Rated current at 25°C: 145mA
Switching current: 250mA
Response time @ 1 Amp rms: <2.5sec
Max permissible switching
current at Vmax:
3 Arms
Overall Dimensions
Width: 10 mm
Depth: 14 mm
Height: 82.15 mm

1. Integrated test access
2. Protection of individual copper pairs
3. Front pluggable single pair protection plug

1. Removal of the SPP is not necessary for testing or disconnecting the line
2. Application oriented solution
3. Replacement on faulty line without disturbing the adjacent operating lines



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