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Single Line Splitter And Bridging Module

  • DW-242840CF

Product Description  



Using field-manageable single line splitter modules, the BRCP-SP splitter block provides individual customercentric service line management at the central office MDF or the remote cross-connect field, supporting multiple services (POTS, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, naked DSL, G.SHDSL, VoIP, CLEC transmission, etc.)

Single-port splitters allow for individual splitter replacement, in the case of a splitter fault, without disrupting POTS service and without removing multiple splitters, as in the case of a DSLAM full splitter board replacement.


Material Thermoplastic Material Contact Bronze, tin (Sn) plating
Dimension 102.5*22*10 (cm) Weight 15 g




Bridging modules support most applications that do not require a POTS input, such as naked DSL, full unbundling, G.SHDSL or VoIP  

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