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2 055-01 KRONE LSA-PLUS Insertion Tool with Sensor

  • DW-6417

Product Description  

    The standard tool used for all LSA-PLUS series,as well as for RJ45 jacks. For termination of wires with the conductor diameter range (0.35~0.9mm) and overall diameter range (0.7~2.6mm) . When a second lead is terminated in a contact the wire position sensor is deactivated (wire specifications and the number of wires depend on the type of connection technology used). The scissor can be deactivated so that a jumper wire can be through-connected to neighbouring contacts.


Material ABS & Zinc plated carbon steel
Color White
Weight 0.054kg


1 Wire Cutter
2 Wire Cutting Inhibitor
3 Blade Release Catch
4 Blade
5 Hook Release Catch
6 Hook
7 Switch for Sensor
8 Sensor




  It is used for inserting wire into insulation displacement connectors on punch down

blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and surface mount boxes.


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