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48 Cores Fibre Optic Closure

  • DW-2179-CS
  • 48 cores
  • 12mm*4.7mm* 3.3mm
  • Molded plastic
  • Indoor

48 Cores Fibre Optic Closure



TheFibre Optic Closure 21 79-CS is made of plastic molded parts and mastic sealing materials. Closing of the fiber optic closure is simply done by thesliding latching mechanism. 2179-CS latching system provides short installation time and easyre-entry. There is no need for special tooling for closing and opening the DOWELL closure.


1. Suitable for limited space applications, too (hadholes)

2. Covers different splice methods for low fibre count applicatio 

3. Reduced inventory 

4. Easy application

5. Applicable for all networks FTTH /FTTC solutions

6. Wide area of usage; underground,aerial, direct buried, pedestal

7. No requirement for special tooling. Saves time and cost

Material Molded plastic Outside Dimension 15.7"X 6.9" x4.2"

Splice Chamber


12" X 4.7" x 3.3 Weight(without kit) 1.7 kg
CableDiameter 0.4- 1 inch Cable Port 4( 2 each side )

Quantity of Cables


2-4 Max. Fibre Capacity 48 single fibres
Looping Length of Bare Fibres >2 x0.8 m

Looping Length of

Fibre withLoose-Tube

>2 x0.8 m


This fiber optic closure is suitable for the applications up to 48 single fibres, which can cover most ofthe applications in the  fibre distribution networks like Fibre To The Home/Fibre ToThe Curb (FTTH/FTTC) Underground, aerial, pedestal or direct buried applications are possible with the closure. 21 79-CS  haschemical and mechanical resistance for all the application areas in the fibre networks. Can beused in Butt or In-Line configuration.



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