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8F Fiber Optic Box with TYCO Adapter

● The box body is made of high-quality engineering plastics and the product has nice appearance and good quality;

● Can install 8 Tyco waterproof adapters;

● Can install one piece of 1*8 mini splitter;

● Can install 2 splice trays;

● Can install 1 piece of PG13.5 waterproof connector;

● Can access 1 piece of fiber cable with diameter of Φ8mm~Φ12mm;

● It can realize the straight-through, divergence or direct splicing of optical cables, etc.;

● The splice tray adopts the page-turning structure, which is convenient and quick to operate;

● Full curvature radius control to ensure that the curvature radius of the fiber at any position is greater than 30mm;

● Wall mounting or pole mounting;

● Protection level: IP 55

  • DW-1236



The fiber distribution box is the equipment of the user access point in the optical fiber access network, which realizes the access, fixing and stripping protection of the distribution optical cable. And it has the function of connection and termination with the home optical cable. It satisfies the branch expansion of optical signals, fiber splicing, protection, storage and management. It can meet the needs of a variety of user optical cables and it is suitable for indoor or outdoor wall mounting and pole mounting installation.

1. Optoelectronic performance

Connector attenuation(plug in、exchange、repeat)≤0.3dB。

Return loss:APC≥60dB, UPC≥50dB, PC≥40dB,

Main mechanical performance parameters

Connector plug durability life>1000 times


2. Use environment

Operating temperature: -40℃~+60℃;

Storage temperature: -25℃~+55℃

Relative humidity:≤95%(+30℃)

Atmospheric pressure:  62~101kPa

Model   number


Product   name

 Fiber distribution box




48   cores

Quantity   of splice tray


Storage   of splice tray


Type   and qty of adapters

Tyco waterproof   adapters (8 pcs)

Installation   method

Wall   mounting/ Pole mounting

Inner   box(mm)


Outer   carton(mm)


Protection   level







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