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8 Cores SMC Fiber Optic Distribution Box

  • DW-1207
  • 8 cores
  • outdoor


Product Description  

8 Cores SMC Fiber Optic Distribution Box


Description :

Fiber Optic Splitter Distribution box is used for connecting optical cable with various equipments in FTTX optical access network node, Box is mainly used Blade Design, and which is equipped with splitter module, PLC splitter and connector. The material of this box is usually made of PC, ABS, SMC, PC+ABS or SPCC. In FTTH application, it is applied to the second stage splitter point of optical fiber network. Optical cable can be connected by fusion or mechanical jointing method after introduction into the box. The box is suitable for fiber terminational point to complete connection, distribution and scheduling between perimeter fiber cables and terminal equipment.

Features :

1. Fiber Optic Distribution Box is composed by body, splicing tray, splitting module and accessories.
2. SMC - Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester material used ensures the body strong and light.
3. Max allowance for exit cables: up to 2 input cables and 2 output output cable, Max allowance for entry cables: max diameter 17mm, up to 2 cables.
4. Water-proof design for outdoor uses.
5. Installation method: Outdoor wall-mounted, pole-mounted (installation kits provided.).

6. Modularized structure without jumping fiber, It may expanse capacity flexibly by increasing splitter installed module, The module with different ports capacity is universal used and interchangeable. In addition, it is equipped splicing tray, used for riser cable termination and cable branch connection.
7. It is allowed to install the blade-style optical splitter (1:4,1:8,1:16,1:32)and matched adapters.
8. Space saving, Double-layer design for easier installation and maintenances: The outer layer is composed with mounting unit for splitter and cable management parts.
9. The inner layer is equipped by splicing tray and cable storage unit for pass-though riser cable.
10. Cable fixing units of DOWELL's box provided for fixing the outdoor optical cable.
11. Protection Level: IP65.
12. Accommodates both cable glands as well as tie-wraps
13. Lock provided for extra security.

Operation Conditions:

Temperature : -40℃ - 60℃.
Humidity : 93% at 40℃.
Air Pressure : 62kPa – 101kPa.
Relative humidity ≤95%(+40℃).



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