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E2000/APC Simplex Adapter

● Double the capacity, perfect space saving solution

● Small size, large capacity

● High return loss, Low insertion loss

● Push-and-pull structure, convenient for operation;

● Split zirconia (ceramic) ferrule is adopted.

● Usually mounted in a distribution panel or wall box.

● The adapters are color coded allowing easy identification of the adapter type.

● Available with single-core & multi-core patch cords and pigtails.

  • DW-EAS

Fiber Optic Adapters and Fast Connectors


E2000 Connector is designed for latched push-pull connectors, automatic metal shutters in connectors and adapters as protection against dust and laser beams, one piece of engineering for easy and fast termination and high security in high-power applications.


UPC and APC adapters are available for E2000 fiber optic adapters, including single mode and multimode types. These E2000 fiber adapters are in simplex style with zirconia sleeves. fiber optic adapters E2000 for WANs, LANs, CATV, Metrology, Railway, Industry applications. E2000 fiber optic adapter provides high bit rate protocols that are safely transmitted.

Insertion Lose

0.2 dB (Zr. Ceramic)


0.2 dB (500 Cycle Passed)

Storage Temp.

- 40°C to +85°C


95% RH (Non Packaging)

Loading Test

≥ 70 N

Insert and Draw Frequency

≥ 500 times




● CATV System

● Telecommunications

● Optical Networks

● Testing / Measurement Instruments

● Fiber To the Home




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