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RG59 RG6 RG7 RG11 Coaxial Cable Stripper With Two Blades Model

  • DW-8050

Product Description  


Main Features:
Quickly and comfortably stripping many types of cable.
Having a return spring and locking devices.
Pen design, compact structure, easy to carry out.
Suit for RG6 (75-5), RG59 (75-4), RG7, RG11 (75-7).

Function: Strip the coaxial cable of your C Satellite, Home Theater, and CCTV Installations, CATV, Security System, Monitor, all kinds of high density professional video equipment, such as matrix, OSD, optical transceiver, Digital Video Recorder, etc

Product Description:

1. Wire diameter specifications can be adjusted to the needed

2. Just rotate clockwise 3 to 6 circle, One-time stripping and retain the core wire

3. Modulate the depth of wire stripping according to the different way

4. The blades are precise forming, quenching, tempering and grinding to ensure clean, smooth operation

5. Special workmanship and high quality material makes sure accurate dimension, long using life, light weight and durable



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