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RJ11 & RJ45 Feedthrough Modular Connector Crimp Tool

  • DW-4568

This durable all-steel construction crimp tool with built-in cutter and stripper provides a ratcheted, ultra-stable platform for consistent terminations. Crimp and trim of excess conductors is a breeze with a simple squeeze of the tool. Tool includes built in jacket stripper for round cable as well as flat cable and even has a flat cable cutter. Crimping dies are precision ground. Crimps 2,4,6 and 8 position RJ-11 and RJ-45 regular and feedthrough type modular connectors.

Instructions for use on RJ-11/RJ-45

  • Strip and remove cable jacket and untwist pairs

  • Insert wires into connector until extending though the connector and jacket is inserted into connector

  • Insert connector completely into appropriate crimp cavity in the tool and squeeze handles together to crimp connector and cut excess wire. Remove connector from Tool

Cable Type Network, RJ11, RJ45
Handle Ergonomic Cushion Grip
Weight 0.82 lbs

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