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RJ45 Crimping Tool

  • DW-8023

Product Description  


Technical Specifications
Applicable Cable Types: CAT5/5e/6/6a UTP and STP
Connector Types:

6P2C (RJ11)

6P6C (RJ12)

8P8C (RJ45)

Dimensions W x D x H (in.) 2.375x1.00x7.875
Materials All Steel Construction

    The CRIMP-RJ45 Crimping Tool enables the user to crimp RJ45 plugs to solid and stranded CAT5/5e/6/6a (CATx) cables. The built-in wire trimmer and cable stripper allows for faster cable preparation with just one tool. Plasticcovered handles reduce fatigue and increase comfort.The correct wiring schemes for the CATx cable are standard EIA/TIA 568A and 568B.



1. Cut the CATx cable to the desired length.

2. Insert an end of the CATx cable through the cable stripper until it reaches the stop. As you squeeze the tool, rotate the tool approx. 90 degrees (1/4 rotation) around the cable to cut through the cable insulation.

3. Pull back on the tool (holding cable perpendicular to the tool) to remove the insulation and expose the 4 twisted pairs.

4. Untwist the wires and fan them out individually. Arrange the wires into the correct color scheme. Note that each of the wires is either a solid color, or a white wire with a colored stripe. (either 568A, or 568B).

5. Flatten the wires in their correct order, and use the built-in wire trimmer to trim them evenly across the top. It is best to trim the wires to about 1/2” in length.

6. While holding the wires flat between your thumb and forefinger, insert the wires into the RJ45 connector, so each wire is in its own slot. Push the wire into the RJ45, so all 8 conductors touch the end of the connector. The insulation jacket should extend beyond the crimp point of the RJ45


7. Insert the RJ45 into the crimp tool aligned to the slotted jaw and squeeze the tool firmly.


8. The RJ45 should be firmly crimped to the CATx insulation. It is necessary that the wiring scheme be repeated identically on each end of the wire.

9. Testing each termination with a CAT5 wire tester (NTI PN TESTER-CABLE-CAT5 for example-sold separately) will insure that your wire terminations were completed successfully for flawless use of the new cable.

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