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Telephone Line Tester

  • DW-230D

Product Description  


     DW-230D Tel Line Tester is a new kind of line fault tester with safety &multi-functions capabilities. Besides the basic functions as a common Tel Line Tester, it also has functions of high voltage protection and polarity indication, and so on.

Products Information

Dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)

≤ 0.5

Environment temperature


Relative humidity


Environment noise


Atmospheric pressure



RJ11 assistant test cord × 1

0.3a fuse tube x 1

  • Dumbbell shape, small size, simple operation

  • Special Dumbbell shape design

  • Small size

  • Easy operation

  • Solid new materials for shell

  • Waterproof and vibration proof




  • Common telephone function: Dial, Ring, Talk

  • Mute

  • T/P switch

  • High voltage protection (by fuse)

  • Polarity indication by LED  

  • Volume adjust

  • Pause

  • Store phone number

  • Monitoring function

  • Last number redial  

  • Telecom Line Identifying (Telephone line, ISDN line, ADSL line)


  • 1.Hook—Open/close the tester key

  • 2.SPKR—Hands free function key(Loudspeaker)

  • 3.Unlock—Data key of override function

  • 4.Redial—Redial the last telephone number

  • 5.Mute—Press it, you can hear of the voice on the line, but others can not hear of you.

  • 6.*/P…T—“*” and P/T

  • 7.Store—Store the calling telephone number

  • 8.Memory—Telephone number extracting key and you can press one key to do quick dial.

  • 9.Dial key—1……9,*,#

  • 10.Talk indicator light—this light will be bright when talking

  • 11.H-DCV LED indicator— If there is high DV voltage on the line, the indicator will be light

  • 12.Data LED indicator—If there is living data ADSL service on the line when you do the data identification operation, the

  • data indicator will be light.

  • 13.H-ACV LED indicator— If there is high AV voltage on the line, the H-ACVA indicator will be light.

  • 14.LCD—Display telephone number and test result

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