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VS-3 Hand Tool for Blue Connectors

  • DW-244271-1

Product Description  


VS-3 Hand Tool Kit 244271-1 includes a standard VS-3 hand tool assembly, crimp height gage, repair tag, and a carrying case.

1.Movable die (anvil) and two fixed dies (crimpers)—crimp the connectors.
2.Wire supports—position and hold the wires in the crimpers.
3.Wire cutter—performs two functions. First, it locates the connector on the anvil, and second, it cuts excess wire during the crimp cycle.
4.Movable handle (with quick take--up lever and ratchet)—pushes connector into crimping dies and ensures a highly uniform, finished connection every crimp cycle.
5.Fixed handle—provides support during crimp cycle and, when applicable, can be held securely in tool holder.




Used for crimping PICABOND Connectors


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