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Wrapping and Unwrapping Tool

  • DW-8051

Product Description  


This two sided wire wrapping and unwrapping tool is intended to be two tools in one. It is designed to produce perfect wire wrapping connections. Precision, long-lasting tools for use where occasional wire wraps are required or where power wire-wrapping tools are not practical. Compact and convenient. To switch from wire wrapping to unwrapping takes only seconds - just a quick change of the cap from one end to the other. Wrapping Side: Regular Wrap.

Wrap Type


Wire Gauge

22-24 AWG (0.65-0.50 mm)

Wrap Terminal Hole Diameter

075" (1.90mm)

Wrap Terminal Hole Depth

1" (25.40mm)

Wrap Outside Diameter

218" (6.35mm)

Wrap Post Size

0.045" (1.14 mm)

Unwrap Wire Gauge

20-26 AWG (0.80-0.40 mm)

Unwrap Terminal Hole Diameter

070" (1.77mm)

Unwrap Terminal Hole Depth

1" (25.40mm)

Unwrap Outside Diameter

156" (3.96mm)

Handle Type




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