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PLC Splitter

Fiber PLC splitter also called planar waveguide circuit splitter, is a device used to divide one or two light beams to multiple light beams uniformly or combine multiple light beams to one or two light beams. The optical network system uses an optical signal coupled to the branch distribution. The fiber optic splitter is one of the most important passive devices in the optical fiber link. PLC optical splitter is an optical fiber tandem device with many input and output terminals, especially applicable to a passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, FTTX, FTTH, etc.) to connect the MDF and the terminal equipment and to branch the optical signal. Connectorized fiber PLC splitters are available with your choice of fiber optic connectors: LC/UPC, LC/APC, SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, and ST/UPC.


Fiber PLC Splitter Advantages


● Low insertion loss and PDL

● High channel number

● Compact size

● High reliability

● Wide operating wavelength and temperature range

● Excellent channel uniformity



Fiber PLC Splitter Applications


● FTTX Deployments

● PON Networks

● CATV Links

● Optical Signal Distribution


Fiber PLC splitter has low insertion loss and polarization-dependent loss, miniature size, wide operating wavelength and temperature range, super reliability, and excellent channel uniformity. It is a low-cost solution for optical signal distribution. DOWELL, as China's famous PLC optical splitter manufacturer, provides high-quality optical PLC splitter.


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