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KRONE HIGHBAND 10-Pair Disconnection Module

  • DW-6468 2 061-00

Product Description  


Environment for use: Indoors or in dry enclosure rated IP54 or greater
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +80ºC
Maximum relative humidity: 93% non-condensing
Transmission, performance and reliability: ZANSI/EIA/TIA 568A Cat. 5
ZISO/IEC 11801 Cat. 5
Number of patching cycles:   Z750
Number of wire reterminations:   >200
Wire diameter range for solid and stranded
copper conductors:   0.40 - 0.65 mm* (26-22 AWG)
Wire insulation
diameter range (PE, PVC):   0.70 - 1.40 mm
Voltage rating: 150 VAC
Insulation resistance: Z>500,000 MΩ at 500 VDC
Safety: UL 1863
Flammability rating of plastic housing: UL 94 VO




Superior high speed data and voice cross connect modules. Available in 8 and 10 pair disconnect versions. These modules enable high speed LAN and WAN systems maximum headroom in transmission performance.

HIGHBAND utilises the silver plated LSA Plus contact principle. This is proven technology which has become the ‘industry standard’ in over 60 countries. The gas tight contacts ensure a reliable and long lasting connection.

These modules can be either patched, jumpered and used in a patch by exception configuration.

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