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KRONE LSA Disconnection Module with Screw Terminal

  • DW-7004 2 001-01

Product Description  


KRONE LSA Disconnection Module 2/10 to Screw terminal has 20 position screw terminals soldered to a PCB. Each IDC contact of the module is connected to the relevant contact of 20 position screw terminal through PCB, thus permitting wires upto 2.5 Sq. mm to be connected to the module.

The assemblies can be supplied as single unit with 20 position terminals on one side or as double units with 20 position terminals connected to both row of IDC contacts


LSA disconnect pin for 10 double wires with additional screw terminals on the jumper for connecting wires up to 2.5 mm² wire diameter. Series 2 for attaching to mounting frames.


  • Can be used as drop wire module in military field installations/rural telecom network

  • Occupies 2 or 3 ways of BMF

  • Supports all LSA  S2 accessories

  • Flexible indoor and outdoor use

  • Robust long term environmental stability

  • Overvoltage/Overcurrent protection

Type 7004 2 001-01
Specification Screw-in disconnect pin
Compatible with 10 double loaders
Content 1 pc(s)
Cross section Max 2.5 mm²
Number of pins 20
Colour Cream-white
Connection LSA and screw terminals
Manufacturer part No. 7004 2 001-01
Labelling 1 - 0
Conductor cross section up to 2.5 Sq. mm
Wire stripping 6 mm
Test voltage Up to 2.5 kV
Cover Polyamide(Nylon)



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