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Telecom Connection System

Scotchlok butt connectors employ a specially designed, wire insulation displacement contact to make a reliable electrical connection to each wire. A "Iive-spring" joint is made by driving the wire down into the "U" contact connector. This simple process displaces the insulation and grasps all conductors with a firm, resilient pressure, all in one motion. Scotchlok butt connectors include a factory-installed sealant to protect against corrosion and seal out moisture. Also available in a dry/flame retardant version for central office and vault. A variety of sizes and wire combinations are available to accommodate almost any need.

Armorcast structural material 4560, Electrical Insulating Resin 40G, Mastic Sealing Tapes 2900R, Vinyl Electrical Insulating Tape 88T for multi-pairs telecommunication cabling connection.

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