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50-Pair IBDN & NORDX & NORTE BIX QCBIX1A Distribution Connector

  • DW-A0266828-50


Product Description  


This is 50-Pair BIX Distribution Connector with Mount. The connector's symmetrical construction allows termination of cables on one side and cross-connect jumper wires or BIX patch cords on the other. Each BIX connector is equipped with 50 double-ended Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) clips for terminating plastic insulated solid copper conductors without stripping. The connector is built with two staggered rows of IDC clips enclosed in a three-layer construction of fire-retardant plastic wafers. Pair splitters on each side of the connector facilitate wire.

• Robust and installer-friendly design to reduce installation costs
• High-density connector to reduce installation space requirements
• Staggered IDC clips to ensure superior transmission performance
• Built-in pair splitters to facilitate wire insertion
• Fully enclosed clips in plastic housing to prevent injuries and protect connections
• Snap into BIX Mounts for easy insertion and removal
• Mix and match modular flexibility to accommodate different installation size requirements.





• Horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in telecommunications rooms and main distribution rooms
• Interconnection terminations in consolidation points.

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