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Inline DSL Splitter

  • DW-6302


Product Description  



The Inline Splitter plugs into a wall jack, and provides separate ports for filtered voice (POTS) and high-speed ADSL data signals.
The Splitter has two jacks: one (un filtered) for a DSL modem and another ( filtered) for a voice-grade device (phone, fax, answering machine, etc.)
It keeps the voice-grade devices from interfering with the performance of the DSL modem, and keeps noise from the data signal off the voice devices.


1.Customer installable

2.Compatible with ADSL and ADSL2+


- ANSI T1. 421
- Complies with Part 68 of the FCC Rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA

4.Filter topology: 2-pole low pass

5.Contacts (Plug and Jacks) Minimum 50 micro-inch of gold and nickel

Dielectric Withstand 1000 VDC for 1 minute
REN 0.1B (ac)
Loading Capacit 16nF (T to R)
DC Loop Current Operates from 0 - 90mA
Series DC Resistance 20 ohms max. (T to R with telephone port shorted)
Stopband Attenuation 21dB @ 25kHz - 50kHz, 25dB @ 50kHz - 30MHz
Off-Hook Insertion Loss < 0.2dB @ 1KHz
Off -Hook Insertion Loss Distortion < 0.5dB (200Hz - 4KHz)
Off-Hook Impedance Distortion ERL > 9dB SRL-LO > 13dB SRL-HI > 3dB
Envelope Delay < 100 uS (300Hz - 2.8kHz)
Dimensions 1.30"H x 4.33"W x 0.76"D



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