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KRONE Lighting Protector

  • DW-6011

Product Description  


Direct current break over voltage: 200-260V
Resistance to alternating current: 5A / 10A
Pulse break over voltage: <=800V
Resistance to pulse current: 5KA / 10KA
Zero power resistor: <=22 Ohm
Insulation resistor: >1x108M Ohm
Absolute error: <=2 Ohm
Re-flow operation characteristics: 110mA (60V DC))
Lasting time: 60s
Over-current operation characteristics: a) Initial current: 0.35A - 3A
b) Decreased to 0.15A: <=20 / 15 / 5 / 1.5 / 0.5 / 0.2s
Material: reed using tin bronze, and the outer layer of silver-plated,
Approve National Standards: YD/T694-2004 Main Distribution Frame
Insulation Features: ≥ 2000Mohm
Contact resistance: ≤7mohm  
Resistance to voltage: ≥1000V/1min without breakdown or arcover-current.
Temperature: 0 ~ 40degree
Relative Humidity: 85% (+30degree)      
Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106KPa



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